Teaching Children Effectively 1

Teaching Children Effectively 1 is a 33-hour, college level course that will equip you to more effectively teach children the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Go to "downloads" to download the flyer/registration form.

CEF’s mission is to evangelize unchurched children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, disciple them, and establish them in a local church for Christian living. CEF accomplishes this mission through a variety of different ministries during the summer and school year, going to where children are outside of church walls. CEF also offers college-accredited training courses and other training opportunities to equip workers to reach children effectively for Christ.

 John 14:6  "...I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No one comes unto the Father except through me."

The theme for our 5-Day Clubs this summer is "One Way", teaching the children that there is ONE God, ONE Savior, and ONE Way to have peace with God, to have eternal life with God in heaven, and ONE Way to have your sins forgiven.  Thank you for praying for us as we teach the children this summer.

Praise God with us:
1. Last week, at the Eaton County Fair, we had 12 workers through the week sharing the gospel and face painting with 298 children.  There were 6 that indicated that they trusted in Jesus as Savior during the gospel presentation.
2.  We praise the Lord for safety as we traveled to and from the fair each day, and for energy for the workers.
3.  I personally want to thank God for the team He has brought together here at Capital Area CEF:  Doug Hammar has taken over the book-keeping and administrative areas of ministry, Sarah Coppernoll is our club coordinator - she has spent many hours calling club hostesses, setting up clubs, and printing club invitations for the hostesses; Beth Gonano is a ministry coordinator and did a great job coordinating the Eaton County Fair; Bekka Neigh, our summer worker, helps wherever it is needed.  Last week, she was at the fair; this week, she is teaching clubs!  That allows me to help at whatever clubs need help, coordinate the Fowlerville and Ingham County fairs, and to prepare for ministry in the fall.

Please Pray for the following:
1.  This week, there are 10 5-Day Clubs taking place throughout the city of Lansing, DeWitt, Laingsburg, and Perry.
2.  We are working on the schedule for next week - with 3 sets of clubs plus the Fowlerville Fair.  God has provided workers for each of these clubs and for the fair.  
3.  Beth Gonano is helping the CEF chapter in Gaylord this week.  Pray for her safety and for children to attend the clubs she is teaching.
4.  Pray for children to be at every club this week, and that many will trust Jesus as their Savior.  One club in particular is in an apartment complex where there are many families of different religious beliefs.
5.  Pray for continued finances for summer ministry and for the roof project.

In His Service,
Maryann Hammar, for all the staff