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CEF’s mission is to evangelize unchurched children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, disciple them, and establish them in a local church for Christian living. CEF accomplishes this mission through a variety of different ministries during the summer and school year, going to where children are outside of church walls. CEF also offers college-accredited training courses and other training opportunities to equip workers to reach children effectively for Christ.

Psalm 69:30 I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify Him with thanksgiving.

Praise the Lord with us:
1. For a restful Thanksgiving weekend.
2. For 6 children who trusted Christ as their Savior in one Good News Club in November
3. With an increase emphasis on having the children use their Bibles in Good News Club, many children seem to be excited about reading from the Bible during the lessons.

Please pray with us:
1. For the staff - as we use December to prepare for upcoming events. One of those events is our "Day Out" - day camp for children in the Good News Clubs on President's Day. We are estimating the cost of this event to be about $2,000. Pray as we plan and promote and raise funds for this event.
2. For the TCE 1 (Teaching Children Effectively 1) class that will begin January 24. We need at least 4 students to register for this class.
3. Maryann needs wisdom as she talks with people interested in helping in the ministry after Sean and Wendy are gone.
4. Beth Gonano's mom was in an accident a few days ago. Mom is fine, but the car is not. Pray for all these details to be worked out.
5. Southwell's plan to move at the end of December. Please pray for all the details to be worked out.

Maryann Hammar, Director