God has provided extra gifts for the ministry and we are so thankful. There is still a need for extra giving so we can end the year with no deficit. Any gift you can give at this time would be greatly appreciated.


Or send a check to CEF:

CEF of MI, Capital Area Chapter, 4215 W. Mt. Hope Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917

Praise and Prayer Requests for December 4, 2023

Praise God with us:

  1. We had a great “farewell” celebration for Jeff Patton, CEF of MI State Director, who is resigning at the end of the year.
  2. Special gifts have been received to help meet the financial deficit of the chapter.
  3. We are grateful for all who help in Good News Clubs every week.

Please pray with us:

Christmas Party Clubs:

  • Please pray for God’s will concerning having a Christmas Party Club at Gardner School in Lansing.
  • Pray for children to register for the Christmas Party Club at Lansing Charter Academy on December 14.
  • Pray for good attendance at the Christmas Party Clubs at regular Good News Club®

Good News Clubs that take place each week:

  • Columbia Rd Baptist Church         Mason                         Sunday
  • Penn Ave Orig Church of God       Lansing                       Sunday
  • Attwood Elementary                       Lansing                       Tuesday
  • Cole Academy                                   Lansing                       Tuesday (starts Dec. 12)
  • Steele Elementary                             Mason                        Tuesday
  • North Elementary                              Lansing                       Tuesday
  • Aurelius Elementary                          Mason                  Wednesday
  • Alaiedon Elementary                         Mason                        Thursday
  • Riddle Elementary                             Lansing                       Thursday
  • Maplewood Center                             Lansing                       Tues, Thursday
  • Bright Hope Bible Church                Potterville                   2nd Tuesday of each month
  • First Baptist Church                          Durand                       3rd Tuesday of each month


  • Pray for churches and individuals to support the ministry of CEF® in this chapter so that Elias can be full time and Vivian can join the staff part time.
  • Pray for special gifts to help finish the year in the black!


  • Pray Bezawit’s interview for her VISA will be scheduled soon, that the VISA will be approved, and that she can join Elias here in Lansing soon.
  • Pray for God’s guidance as we plan for 2024.
  • Pray for us to remain healthy.


  • Pray for people willing to do Christmas Party Clubs in the local chapter.
  • Pray for the students enrolled in the Teaching Children Effectively™ 1 course which ends December 14.
  • Pray for Elias as he prepares lesson plans for Teaching Children Effectively™ 2 that he will teach starting January 4, 2024.
  • Pray for more churches and people to be willing to teach Good News Clubs in the schools.

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