Stories from Good News Clubs, 5-Day Clubs, and Fair Ministry

Testimony from club at the rescue mission:  At dismissal time, a girl student came over to me, put her hand on my shoulder and said, “Thank you for letting me come in here. I’m not really supposed to be in here because I’m 12 so I’m supposed to go with the ladies, but I DON’T understand what they’re talking about in there! I learn more in here!” I told her that I was glad she joined us then, that we enjoyed her coming, and appreciate that she behaves herself and wants to learn.

One boy, age ten, was the first child in class. I commented on him being early and the only child so far though I had seen others. He responded [similar to], “Maybe they’re in adult chapel. But that would be crazy! Why would a child want to go into adult chapel when they can come in here?! This is so much better!”
When a boy student, age ten, came into the cafeteria for chapel time, he sat down next to me. After saying the memory verse, he told me he liked coming in here, and “Do you know why? Because you teach, and we learn, and it challenges the brain. And that’s good!”
School Good News Club
As I was giving the invitation, one boy raised his hand and said, “I kinda believe in Jesus”. I responded that you to “kinda believe” isn’t what Jesus wants. He wants you to fully believe that He is the only one that can save you from sins punishment. I was able to help him understand a bit better what it means to believe in Jesus.
We had been off for a week and a half (three nights), due to covid cases at the shelter. When we came back, we were glad to hear that many children still remembered the Bible memory verse excellently, including a 5 year old boy, who said it for me complete with hand motions from the song. Also, when I asked if anyone remembered the last Bible lesson I taught, the boy answered, “Jesus has power over clouds and water and winds!” A girl, age 7, recounted for me the story of Jesus healing the centurion’s servant, telling how the soldier believed that Jesus could just speak from where He was and heal the servant and emphasizing at both beginning and end that Jesus has all power.