Super Seminar

Super Seminars are a series of training sessions designed to train children’s workers in the local church.  These sessions last 40-50 minutes for each topic. CEF supplies all materials needed. Each lesson reflects the high standard of Christian education that Child Evangelism Fellowship is known for.


Teaching Children Effectively

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Adopt a SchoolAdopt A School, the After-School program of CEF, offers churches a unique and exciting ministry opportunity to adopt a local public elementary school and reach children and families in the community around the church. Churches use the Good News Club once a week in an after-school program at the school to evangelize and disciple the children. Churches then minister to the families of the children in a variety of ways, seeking to involve the whole family in the local church.


You can make a difference in the life of a child!

Christian Youth In ActionR

CYIATM is a 10 Day training program for high school and college aged students (age 13 and older). You will learn to lead children to Christ, participate in open air evangelism, teach 5-Day Clubs, use the Wordless Book and rely on the Lord.

CYIA usually begins on Father's Day every years.  Deadline to submit applications for CYIA is May 15.

Fair Ministry

The number one reason people go to county fairs and local festivals is to have fun, Fair 1but the fun lasts only as long as the activity is going on.

The children, teens, and adults who receive Christ in our Noah’s Ark trailer have eternal life—joy that lasts forever! That’s got to be MORE than fun! You can have more than fun by assisting the CEF staff in one of several ways. If you have had our training, you may help by teaching Bible lessons or the Wordless Book and doing counseling. If you haven’t had our training but would like to help this way, would you be willing to come to our office to learn how we do it?

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5 Day Club

Impact your neighborhood in the Summer5 Day Club Logo

5-Day Club is a place where children come together for five consecutive days during the summer to hear Bible stories, sing songs, learn Bible verses, listen to a missionary story and hear the Gospel presented clearly. The clubs are help in the home or backyard of willing hosts or hostesses that open up there home for an hour and a half for one week during the summer. High-school and college-age youth that have attended a summer CEF training come to the host or hostesses home to teach the clubs to the children. 5-Day clubs allows for children to be reached with the gospel that otherwise would have not heard, it also allows the host or hostesses to develop a personal relationship with the children that came to club as well as with there families.

Good News Club

Win your neighborhood child by childGood News Club Logo

Good News Club is a place where boys and girls ages 5-12 meet with there friends to sign songs, listen to stories, learn Bible stories and play games as they learn about God’s love for them and how they can follow Jesus Christ. The Clubs meet in the neighborhood where the children live, often in the public schools once the day's classes are done, but also in people’s homes or community centers. For one hour each week, a Christian teacher volunteers his or her time to reach the children at the club in a fun and exciting way so that children will want to keep coming each week. Good News Clubs can have a positive impact in the schools and/or neighborhoods where they are taught in bringing the teachings of Biblical morality into the children of the community.