It has been 16 years since the attack on the USA.  As we think about all who gave their lives to save others on that day, we also need to pray for our country's first responders today as they battle wild fires in several states, and help with clean up efforts after Harvey and Irma.  Rather than pronounce these disasters as God's judgement on America, as some are doing, let us pray that these events will draw people to God and to the Savior.  

Praise God with us:

1.  We had a GREAT Good News Club Kickoff training class on Saturday.  There was great attendance, great fellowship, and great instruction given.  We are thankful for 3 new ladies that attended.
2.  There are two clubs starting this week, more that will begin next week.
3.  We praise God for Heritage Baptist Church being committed to get the club at Gier Park started.  The teacher of this club has had health issues over the summer and wasn't sure if she could continue.
4.  The staff had a safe trip to Brooklyn on Friday for the CEF State Staff Meeting.
Pray with us:
1.  Pray for the Good News Clubs that are still in the process of getting started.  Some will not start until October, another club will not start until November.
2.  The Teaching Children Effectively 1 course is set to begin on Saturday, September 23.  Please pray for more students to register for this class.  We have five students so far.
3.  Pray for Marilyn F., Chris D., Jeannie D., and Judy G - all are workers in Good News Club and all are struggling with health issues.
4.  Pray for an increase in monthly financial support for CEF of Capital Area as we seek to add another staff person.
REMINDER:  CEF World Day of Prayer, Wednesday, November 1.  Join us at the office 10:30 am - 12:00 noon to pray for CEF internationally, nationally, statewide, and locally.  We will provide soup for lunch.  If you care to join us, please consider bringing sandwiches to share with others.
Thank you for praying for this ministry.  Prayer is vital to the success of evangelizing boys and girls for Jesus.
The CEF of MI, Capital Area Staff