Praise the Lord with us:

1. We have had 18 5-Day Clubs so far with 305 children enrolled and 9 children trusting Christ as Savior.  There are 5 more clubs this week:  4 in Lansing and 1 in Howell.
2.  The summer missionaries have done a fantastic job teaching clubs and helping at the fair.  THANK YOU to Bekah, Korie, Duncan, Emma, Storm, Brianna, Charlotte, and Elias for volunteering your time to teach the children.  
3.  Tyler has been faithful in teaching and driving for 5-Day Clubs this summer; Sarah has been working hard as the club coordinator, making sure hostesses and missionaries have what they need for clubs;  Doug has been a huge help in filling in whenever needed and putting his office responsibilities on hold.  Thank you!!!
4.  God has provided enough people to help at the DeWitt Ox Roast this weekend!

Please pray with us:
1.  Pray for the 5 clubs meeting this week.  Pray for safety as we travel to and from clubs, for children to attend every club, for wisdom to deal with difficult clubs, and for clear teaching for the summer missionaries.
2.  The DeWitt Ox Roast is Friday and Saturday. Pray that Doug can find someone to help get the ark to DeWitt on Friday and back on Sunday; pray for good weather, and for clear teaching.  Pray also that many "unchurched" children will come into the Ark to hear the Bible Lesson.
3.  Pray for Elias.  Elias is a young man from Ethiopia who worked with CEF there for 10 years.  His desire is to work with CEF here.  He has been volunteering with us, teaching in clubs last week and this week.  Pray for God's guidance and direction.
4.  Pray for Jeannie - a Good News Club Worker who is in the hospital right now.  Pray also for Chris - A Good News Club worker who has had many physical challenges this summer and may not be able to teach this fall.  Pray for Marilyn F - she has rotator cuff surgery on the 22nd of August.  Marilyn is a volunteer recruiter for CEF and Good News Club teacher.
5.  Pray for rest and refreshment for the staff as we finish summer ministry and plan for Good News Club and Teacher Training ministries this fall.
6.  We have a Teaching Children Effectively 1 class beginning September 23, then meeting on Tuesday evenings.  Pray for many students to attend this class.
7.  Please pray for the finances of CEF of MI, Capital Area Chapter.  We are running behind on staff support and funds for summer ministry.

NOTE:  Due to lack of RSVP's, the Outreach Luncheon, scheduled for August 24 has been canceled.  If you or your church want more information concerning Good News Clubs, we can set up a meeting with you and your pastor.
Thank you for praying!
Capital Area CEF Staff