Praise God with us:

1.  Two large contributions for the ministry were in Friday's mail.
2.  The Blueprint Board and Committee training that was attend by over 100 CEF Directors and Committee members this past weekend went very well.
3.  During the retreat, Doug was recognized for 35 years of service with CEF!!!  Thank you Doug for your faithfulness to the Lord and to the ministry of reaching boys and girls for Jesus.
4.  The Hammar's were able to visit two supporting churches in northern Michigan on Sunday.
5.  More 5-Day Clubs for the Lansing Area have been scheduled.
6.  There is another regular worker for the Good News Club at Summer Place Apartments.

Please pray with us:

1.  Thursday, April 26 is our first CYIA Pre-training.  Pray for great attendance.
2.  Pray that many children will come to the Noah's Ark trailer on Friday and Saturday at the Vermontville Maple Syrup Festival.
3.  We will be having a Wordless Book Training for those interested in helping in the fair ministry on Saturday, May 5 at Mason Community Church in Mason.  Pray for good attendance.
4.  Continue to pray for sufficient funds to cover the expenses of summer ministry.  Pray that God will lead us to those who will give financially to support this ministry to the children.
5.  We have had to have some repairs to the furnace at the office that were very costly.  Pray for funds to cover those repairs.
6.  Pray for God's choice of young people choose to attend Christian Youth In Action Training in June.  Applications are due May 15.
7.  Pray for additional locations for 5-Day Clubs this summer.

Most of all, we ask that you pray for the boys and girls who hear the Word of God, to respond in faith to the Savior.

Thank you.

CEF of MI, Capital Area Chapter Staff