Fair Ministry

The number one reason people go to county fairs and local festivals is to have fun, Fair 1but the fun lasts only as long as the activity is going on.

The children, teens, and adults who receive Christ in our Noah’s Ark trailer have eternal life—joy that lasts forever! That’s got to be MORE than fun! You can have more than fun by assisting the CEF staff in one of several ways. If you have had our training, you may help by teaching Bible lessons or the Wordless Book and doing counseling. If you haven’t had our training but would like to help this way, would you be willing to come to our office to learn how we do it?

We need at least two—preferably more—people to be on site at all times. One person invites the children to hear a free Bible lesson, and gives them a ticket: the other does the teaching. We could use another person to sit in the trailer during Bible lessons.  You could spend this time silently praying for the children as they hear the gospel.

Many children tell us that this is the only time they hear Bible lessons all year.  Several return over and over to hear about how God loves them and Jesus died for them, often bringing friends with them so they can hear it too. Every summer hundreds of children, teens, and adults are contacted through our outreach.  Many make salvation decisions.  We refer these people to a Bible believing church in their area.

We invite Christian teens and adults to help in the time that they are able to give.  An hour, three hours, or all day, it does not matter how long you can give.  All volunteers must have a criminal background check before they are able to help us.  

Maple Syrup Festival April 
Gizzard Festival Early June 
Eaton County Fair July 
Fowlerville Fair July 
Ingham County Fair Early August
Shiawassee County Fair August

DeWitt Ox Roast


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