You can make a difference in the life of a child!

Christian Youth In ActionCYIA

CYIA is a two-week training program for high school and college aged students (age 15 and older). You will learn to lead children to Christ, participate in open air evangelism, teach 5-Day Clubs, use the Wordless Book and rely on the Lord.

CYIA usually begins on Father's Day every years.  Deadline to submit applications for CYIA is May 15.

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be here to teach the word of God. I enjoyed teaching children about God and what Jesus has done for them while having fun at the same time. God truly blessed me in various ways. I just want to thank Him for giving the strength, courage, wisdom, and knowledge to fill this task. - T. H.

For more information on CYIA, and to fill out an application, visit:

SMASummer Missionary Assistant

SMA training is for teens ages 13-14. You will learn how to assist in 5-Day Clubs, use the Wordless Book, lead children to Christ, and grow closer to God.

SMA is usually held the very last week of June.  Application deadline each year is May 15.

For more information on SMA, and to fill out an application, visit:

When I started CEF, I'm not sure what I expected. But when I walked into my first club, all the children seemed to lean in closer and they listened to every word. Immediately, I realized that I had to be an example to each child and try to get them to realize, in words they could understand, the unspeakable gift that Christ gave to them.

Every day my heart was touched as they asked me to pray for them. A young boy approached me and said, "I've done really bad things. Does God still love me?" I assured him that God would always love him. He was so shocked and demanded that we pray for his salvation right away. Children do understand, I just need the patience to teach them.
- J. L.